I can’t remember the last time so many names have been passed around for a single movie role. Green Lantern has attracted everyone form Chris Pine to Brian Austin Green to Ryan Gosling. Heck, Even Jack Black had the role for a little while. Well, if the rumors are true, the latest actor up on the block is Bradley Cooper.

Cooper has been floating around Hollywood for several years now doing some great work, but never really getting his due. He was a main Character on the hit show Alias, He starred in the short lived comedy Kitchen Confidential, did stints on Nip Tuck, movies like Yes Man, Midnight Meat Train, He’s just not that into you and the highly anticipated The Hangover (which has already been greenlit for a sequel)

Now he might get the golden horseshoe that he’s deserved, the lead in a Franchise building genre film.

Is the deal signed? No. Do we have any proof? No, just a bunch of chatter. One thing we do know is the film is set to start shooting in July so whoever is going to get cast as the Green Lantern, the announcement is going to have to come soon… Definitely before comic con.