A few days ago we reported that Madeline Zima had been cast to play the role of Claire Bennet’s college roommate in Season 4 of Heroes. Now THR has come out with a cryptically worded post about another cast member who has been added to the cast.

According to the report, Rachel Melvin, formerly of “Days of Our Lives”, has been cast to play Annie on the show. Here’s where things get a little saucy.

Rachel Melvin has been tapped to guest star and potentially recur on “Heroes” next season, playing Annie, who also will share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire.

So what is that supposed to mean? Maybe a little bit more? Will they be sharing a room? Fighting over a man? getting a little tipsy on some box wine and re-enacting their favorite Katy Perry Song? Even if that’s the case. Claire can’t get drunk. Does that mean the cheerleader will be initiating the kiss?

I think Heroes just figured out how to get new viewers in Season 4: Heroes Gone Wild!