While we’ve yet to see him, we know that Spider-Man will be in Captain America: Civil War. Now, co-director, Anthony Russo has made some comments about Spidey in the film to the Brazilian magazine, Super Interessante.

SUPER: There are many rumors are talking about two, three uniforms in the film. What can you talk about it?

Anthony Russo: Well, we did a lot of research and experimented with the looks of each character. We went through the same process with Spider-Man. We knew it was going to be someone young and it was very important to us because we wanted to give this essence to the character, because he is someone unique to the Marvel Universe. Tom Holland is an amazing Spider-Man, people will love him. It was a very experimental process, placing him with the other actors, especially with Downey Jr., we had to learn as we worked. And we’re very happy with the final result. We’re still working on a few things, like the costume. He’s not ready yet because so much will be produced with special effects.

SUPER: Will the film show the red-and-gold costume that was made ​​famous in the Civil War comic?

AR: The film will show a mix of what everyone is waiting for with a little twist. So yeah, that’s all I can say

We know that we are not going to be getting a Spider-Man origin story here. Now, with the mention of him interacting with tony Stark, a lot of fans are thinking that it will lead to Spidey being given the Iron Spider costume that he got in the comic version of Civil War.