The first Wolverine movie wasn’t great, but it was fun. it was actually pretty good if you mind wipe the horrible things they did to Deadpool from your memory. A second film is definitely in the offing and reports are that the choice of directors has been narrowed down to just two: David Slade who is best known for 30 Days of Night and Twilight Eclipse and Robert Schwentke, who made his mark on The Time Traveler’s Wife and Bruce Willis’ upcoming Red. The folks over at Collider definitely seem to be leaning in the Slade camp.

The storyline for the new film should follow the 1979 story arc from Chris Cleremont and John Byrne where Logan went to Japan and fell in love with Mariko, daughter of a Yakuza boss. There will be plenty of samurai action in this one. Hopefully they do a good job on the Silver Samurai.