There’s a lot riding on the Marvel Mutant Franchise with Wolverine 3. The movie, which aims to be Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as Wolverine was previously announced to be based around the Old Man Logan storyline. We’ve also known fora while that Patrick Stewart would be appearing in the film for the last time as Professor Charles Xavier. One thing that we haven’t known up till now is just who Logan will be facing in his last big screen adventure.

Some rumors have laid claim that the film would see him going up against the Reavers, others had him going up against the Hellfire Club. Today, Bryan Singer announced that the big bad for the film will be none other than Nathaniel Essex, aka Miste. Sinister. That means that the end credits scene at the end of X-Men Apocalypse (If you were able to sit all the way through it) was really a teaser for Wolverine 3 and not the next X-Men.

That’s all we know for now, but we’ll get you more info as soon as it’s available.

Source: CInemablend