Last year Disney made a huge splash at SDCC with a Tron Legacy treasure hunt that led fans on an adventure through San Diego that took them to a real version of Flynn’s Arcade where they got to see a life-sized model of a lightcycle. With the movie getting closer and closer, you just knew that something was going to happen at this year’s Wondercon in San Francisco and Disney did not disappoint.

Friday night, Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan, who starred in the original movie, appeared in character to announce a new company (Encom) in front of all the attendees to the show. The event, which announced the release of their first video game, “Space Paranoids”, also made many references to Kevin Flynn, who is the character played by Jeff Bridges in the original movie and who’s character is currently missing. In the middle of it all, protesters streamed into the event holding signs that proclaimed “Flynn Lives” and then they took the stage and insisted that Flynn was alive. Then just to make it even more of a spectacle, a helicopter came flying down and then passed by a second time, letting out a parachuter who swooped right over the crowd. If the movie is anything like the marketing… holy crap.

All of this is documented on the Flynn Lives Viral Site where you can see that they show Garret Hedlund, who plays Sam Flynn in the movie as the guy who parachuted over the crowd.

Check out videos from the event below: