On the heels of yesterday’s big announcement about the upcoming X-Men: Apocolypse film set for 2016, THR is announcing that Simon Kinberg, who has re-written and is producing X-Men Days of Future Past has just cut a deal with FOX to see if he can do for their Marvel Universe what Kevin Feige has done for Disney’s.

Kinberg, who also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot and is also involved in multiple new Star Wars (he’s co-writing Episode VII with Lawrence Kasdan and exec producing the new animated Star Wars: Rebels series at Disney XD) projects, has been tasked with taking the Mutant and FF franchises at FOX and expanding them out into complete universes, in hopes of capturing the lightning in a bottle that Marvel created with The Avengers.

Here’s what he told THR about it:
“I have a lot of ideas on how to built those brands and do what everybody is thinking of these days: Be like Marvel. I want to be able to build stories over multiple movies.”

Source: THR