Following up “X-Men: First Class,” director Matthew Vaughn is currently developing two projects for writer Mark Millar. The first is “The Secret Service,” which was unveiled this week by Vaughn, Millar, and artist Dave Gibbons. The second, “Superior,” which Vaughn has the movie rights to.

Not much is known about “The Secret Service” yet, but one can assume it’s about a kick-ass super Secret Service agent. On the other hand “Superior” which has been around, is about a boy with multiple sclerosis obsessed with comic books. One day he is given the chance (at a cost) to become one of this favorite fictional superheroes named Superior.

According to Heat Vision, Vaughn will supervise the scriptwriting on “Superior,” although he will not be handling scripting duties himself.

Despite juggling both these new comic book properties, it’s unknown what Vaughn’s next project will be. “First Class” was his first studio film and while it proved to be a success, the process was particularly grueling. It’s been reported that post-production came down to the wire, just barely finishing weeks before it opened in theaters. Vaughn has hinted that he plans to “return to his roots,” but what that means is anyone’s guess.

Source: Collider