In a couple weeks, the new movie, The Proposal is going to hit the big screens with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. However, there is a good chance that Betty White will steal every single scene she appears in as Ryan’s mom.

The movie itself is a take off on a concept that’s been done a few times before. Man or woman needs to pretend they are married for some reason. They convince someone who doesn’t even like them to help. The couple falls in love by the end and hilarity ensues.

This time, Bullock is the hard-nosed business woman who is about to get deported to Canada and Ryan Reynolds is the Alaskan born office assistant who she forces into the role of green card husband.

This little vid appeared on Funnyordie a few days ago to help promote the film, but there is no amount of description that can tell you just how funny it really is. Check it out.