Halcyon, the company that made “Terminator Salvation” has put the rights for Terminator up for auction this month. While technically you have a shot at owning the rights, you’ll have to compete with just about every major and minor Hollywood studio.

Rumors have it that front runners to win the rights include Sony Pictures, who distributed “Salvation” globally. Super Terminator fan, Tfan1999, from the Internet who mortgaged his house is also currently in the bid. He has no shot at winning.

It’s interesting to see Halcyon giving up the rights to Terminator, and particularly how much it will go for. Although the Terminator franchise is highly recognizable in name, it has yet to deliver recently whether in huge box-office takings or even on air ratings. “Salvation” which was tooted as a major franchise reboot was a disappointment both financially and in terms of licensing. Fox’s TV series “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” despite surviving for two seasons, was incredibly ratings challenged.

The reality may be that while the “Terminator” is a recognizable brand name, it’s a brand that’s losing stock with the public. It just isn’t what it was during its heydays when it ruled the box-office during the 90s.

Source: empireonline