Ever since Zack Snyder’s Justice League made its disappointing debut on the big screen, fans have been wondering what could have been. The sad thing is that we all know what could have been… Darkseid could have been!

As he’s been doing for the last few months, Snyder has taken to social media to drop tidbits of the awesomeness of what he was planning to do with the franchise before he left to recover from a family tragedy and Joss Whedon came in and seemingly just tried to make a bunch of executives happy.

In his latest drop, Snyder has finally give fans the tease they wanted, a first look at how he would be portraying Darkseid at the end of the movie.

This image seems like it probably best lines up with the Kevin Smith information of what he knew about Snyder’s plans:

“[The League] saw Darkseid, and Darkseid saw them,” Smith said. “Boom tube closes, and that’s the end of the fucking movie. With them all knowing there’s something out there, and we have to go.”

Kevin Smith

In the end, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever actually get to see the infamous Snyder Cut. We know that much of what we want to see, including the Darkseid Scene, was filmed (though we have no idea about the final special effects). Short of a fan film, this is probably the closest we’ll ever get, but at least we can dream.