• MSRP: $299.99

Clever Pet

We actually wanted to feature Clever Pet last year, but we weren’t able to test one out in time for last year’s guide. Luckily, we were finally able to get our hands on a Clever Pet and our resident canine correspondent, Ophelia the French Bulldog was more than happy to take it out for a spin. The results were pretty fabulous. We have rarely ever seen an animal take to a toy the way that Ophie took to the Clever Pet. It works sort of like an arcade game for animals (it’s great for dogs, cats, goats, and even elephants!). When your pet approaches, several lights on its touch pad light up. When the pet touches a light, the Clever Pet gives them a treat. Over time, the number of lights that turn on start to drop from three to two, and then to one. This increases the challenge that your pet must complete before they get their treat. Ophelia fell so deeply in love with the Clever Pet that she even started taking naps next to it so she wouldn’t miss her chance to play the next round!


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  • MSRP: $199.00

One Fast Cat Treadmill

So many of the cat owners we know are all suffering from fat cat syndrome. If the cat’s diet isn’t great, or it just doesn’t move around enough, the cat gets fat, and fat cats suffer from a ton medical problems. When this cat treadmill came around, we thought it was mostly just a joke, but after about a week of having it around a cat, bribing it, and showing it how it works, we found that the cat actually seemed to enjoy getting on it for anything from a walk to a full out sprint! On the human side of the equation, we really liked how easy it was to assemble, and how little room it seems to take up compared to other models. It even comes in an assortment of designs, including leopard print (for the cat that has always wanted to run on the back of another, endless feline). Perfect for the chubby pussy in your life.

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  • MSRP: $119.00

Petnet Smart Feeder

One of the challenges of pet ownership is that you can’t always be home at feeding time. That used to mean leaving the food out for your dog or cat, hoping that they wouldn’t just scarf it all down when you walked out the door, or throwing off their schedule until you could get home to them. We loved Petnet as a great gift for busy pet owners for exactly this reason. You can either schedule feedings ahead of time through the Petnet app or you can manually feed your pets via the app when you want to. You can even set it up so that you can get alerts when your pet eats and when more food needs to be ordered.

If you’ve got a pet that you worry is either not eating enough, or is eating too much, Petnet now also has a food bowl with a scale built into it that can be purchased for an additional $40. Along with helping you make sure that your pet is getting the optimal portion size for their weight and age, the scale will also track all of your pet’s food intake. Think of it as an automatic “Myfitnesspal” for your pet!

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