Coming in 2012 from ThinkGeek, a IRIS 9000 voice control module for iPhone and Siri based on the classic Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey!” IRIS 900 won’t be released until 2012, and it’ll retail for $59.99.

Here is the official product description from ThinkGeek:
Control Siri from across the room… perfect for deep space missions. Having an artificially intelligent computer at our beck and call has long been the fantasy of every green blooded sci-fi fan amongst us. Finally Siri on the iPhone 4s has given us a tantalizing taste of this promised future… and we’re lapping it up. However it’s not all roses in our 2011 A.I. future tech fantasy. Sure Siri can schedule appointments, make funny quips and answer inane trivia questions with the help of Wolfram Alpha but she has one failing… to get her to listen you’ve got to have your hands on your phone and push a button. Somehow when we imagined the future of smart computer companions we assumed that shouting at them from across the room to do our bidding was part of the package. Apparently not.

Check out the teaser video below: