With Toy Fair behind all of us and we’ve all been treated to a preview of Hasbro’s fantastic plans for its Marvel brands in 2010, it’s time to look forward to a new year and a fresh round of Hasbro/Marvel Q&A!

YBMW is participating in Hasbro’s Marvel Q&A this year and we’re asking collector-fans to supply the questions! But before you get too excited, like everything in life, it’s not without rules.

Hasbro’s 2010 Marvel Q&A will include eight (8) rounds, beginning this Friday, March 5. We’re able to submit three (3) of the best questions you have for Hasbro to consider.

In an effort to ensure that answers received will be of interest to your fans, Hasbro has also issues some guidelines for appropriate questions:

Topics open for discussion
Deco Decisions, Design Choices, Design Process/Development and Redeco/Retooling. Also, questions pertaining to past and current Line Strategy and Marketing.

Topics that cannot be addressed
“When will X toy be made/redesigned/released?”, Hypothetical, Sales/Cost Data, Product Idea
Submissions, Potential Design/Redesign and Future Movie/Entertainment.

You can submit your questions via commenting in this post, via twitter or by emailing us.

Note: Due to the amount of questions coming in from other participating sites, Hasbro may not be able answer all three of our questions.