Andrew Bell fans should plan on bringing some extra cash to Comic Con This year. Not only is there a great Android Exclusive, but there’s the regular edition and Comic Con exclusive O No Sushi release!

Bell has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. There’s a fun quality to his art that makes it impossible not to enjoy. For the last couple of years I’ve eagerly gobbled up every edition of his great O No Sushi figures that I could get my hands on. Now it is finally time for his newest creation to hop up onto the plate: O No Sashimi!

The new figure is set for it’s released at SDCC this year. The open edition standard green version will set you back $35 US and includes “all delicious fish bits, two sets of eyes and a bowl in a supermarket fresh display tray!”

For an extra 15 dollars you can score the Comic Con exclusives blue version which is limited to just 250 pcs.

Android fans won’t be left out in the cold either. Check out this sneak peek of the SDCC exclusive Android vinyl figure:

All the exclusives can be picked up at the Dumbrella Booth #1335.

Source: dyzplastic