You asked the Marvel team at Hasbro, here are their answers!

1). Will any harder to find Marvel Universe figure (Wave 6 especially, and Thor) be re-released in the future or be made available online?

We have refreshes planned, and we do carry forward key characters
(including Thor) from year to year.

2). Although Marvel Universe figures are terrific, the Iron Man 2 comic line raises the bar for 3″ figures hands down in terms of design and sculpt. Do the two lines share similar budgets, sculptures, design team, etc? It just seems like the quality is higher with the Iron Man 2 line than with past Marvel Universe lines (upcoming MUs all look amazing though!).

IM2 Comic Figures are designed by the same design team as Marvel Universe. The difference is that the IM2 comic figures are more aligned with the IM2 movie figures in terms of the articulation system. We are adding new articulation to some MU figures as we move forward.

3). Are there any plans for deluxe Marvel Universe figures? IE: Ghost Rider with flame bike or Professor X with his chair and with Cerebrus helmet? Or maybe figures that come with connectable bases like the Danger Room?

Deluxe figures such as these have been discussed as future possibilities for the MU line. While we can’t give specific details, we are considering these.

Thanks to those who submitted questions and thanks again to Hasbro. Be sure to submit your questions for the next round of Hasbro’s Marvel Q&A by emailing us or leaving a comment here. Next round begins now!

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