Bandai has released some high res promotional images of their new 4″ articulated action figures based off the new Dragon Ball: Evolution film which hits theaters April 8. There are seven figures total which are inspired by the upcoming movie. The first wave will include: Goku, Yamcha, Roshi, Piccolo, Bulma, Goku 2 and Fulum.

Each figure comes with a weapon or accessory unique to that character. Each figure includes a piece of the Oozaru (Big Monkey), 1 of 7 DragonBalls and a piece of the DragonBall altar. Collect all seven figures to form an exclusive figure of Oozaru and the DragonBall altar. Each packaging will also contain a special insert card! Collect all seven cards to form the Shenron Dragon.

The DragonBall: Evolution toy line will hit select retailers in April to coincide with the theatrical release.