As a rule, we don’t like to promote when companies make direct knock-offs of other products. When we feature items from Aliexpress, they are usually brand-new products that no other company is making. With that said, once in a while we come across a product so poorly made that it deserves the spotlight. We’re talking about the bootleg of Medicom Toy MAFEX No.042 MAFEX HARLEY QUINN (DRESS Ver.) from “Suicide Squad.”

This bootleg is so poorly made that we don’t even know if it qualifies as a bootleg or if it would be better suited as its very own new figure: “Mom, aunt Karen got drunk and won’t stop hitting on dad!”, the action figure.

Gone is Margot Robbie’s smile. Instead, there’s, well, we aren’t exactly sure what to call that thing on her mouth. Then we’ve got her dress. If this figure had an action feature, we think it would probably be “atomic nip slip.” To give you an idea of how bad this knock-off came out, here is the original for comparison:

Now, here is the knock-off, in all of its glory: