It’s been almost three years since Diamond Select Toys had acquired the rights for the Battle Beasts license, and while there hasn’t been any news for it, it seems like that may all about change.

A mysterious countdown clock has recently appeared on Diamond Select Toys website, showcasing the newly minted Battle Beasts logo with the tagline “The Roar Rages On”. If my math hasn’t failed me, the countdown will end at the beginning of April and during the Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

We first saw DST’s Battle Beast concept revitalized as a special promotional Alligator Minimates figure at New York Toy Fair, that came with silver armor. Subsequently various variants were released that year, but then the brand was never heard of again until now. Having collected Battle Beasts in my youth I’m eager an excited to see DST’s new line. While I wasn’t exactly thrilled that the new Battle Beast was essentially a Minimate with “gear,” I think I’ve gotten over it and I’m just glad to see the brand return.

You can check out the new Battle Beasts site here.