If they do well than the sky is the limit! Maybe they’ll break out into other Whedon series. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even get lucky enough to see mini subscription series for Firefly and Dr. Horrible!

Lead has always been one of the coolest mediums for figurines, but because some kid likes to suck on paint chips, the Government makes it extremely difficult for products made of lead to hit our shores. Well, thank goodness for the UK and their publishing company, Eaglemoss.  for the last several years they have been making LOTR, DC and Marvel figures that would absolutely blow your socks off.  Not only that, but they come as part of a subscription series that has a full magazine focusing on the character with each new release. It puts my old Marvel Handbooks to shame.

Here’s the great news. Eaglemoss has just announced that their next subscription series of figurines will also be available in the USA! Even better, it’s Buffy and Angel! This is going to make a lot of fans very very happy.