Fool’s Paradise consistently creates some of the most interesting, imaginative, and down-right cool vinyl toys on the market by blending an insane amount of artistic skill with an uncanny ability to combine different pop culture characters in just the right way. If you’ve never had a chance to grab one of the quick-to-sell-out pieces from Fool’s Paradise, now is your chance. Their next drop is set up for September 8th for ‘The Last Ghost Ride.’

The new piece combines the Fool’s Paradise tradition of turning pop culture vehicles into super-market ride-ons (something Hot Toys is now trying to copy), with his famous character mash-ups. The Last Ghost Ride combines elements from Ghostbusters like the Ecto-1 and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man with Marvel’s Ghostrider. They even managed to throw in a Super Mario Bros Boo for good measure. You can pre-order the new figure HERE on the 8th.