Fox just released their official list of exclusives for Comic-Con this year. They all look pretty cool, but look for Lard Lad and Nibbler to be the ones you’ll end up chasing after.

* Avatar – Fans will want to get their hands on Mattel’s “The Final Battle” action figures. The toys depict the penultimate clash between Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and will be available at the Mattel booth (#2945).

* The Simpsons – Springfield will come to San Diego with two exclusive pieces from The Simpsons. A 6″ figure of the famous donut boy statue, Lard Lad, available at the Kidrobot booth (#4529)

and a Christmas ornament depicting Springfield’s richest resident, Mr. Burns, at the Hallmark booth (#2913H).

* Predators – Hunters have to make sure they don’t become the hunted while tracking down the ‘Berserker Predator’ from NECA (booth #3145). The figure resembles the Predator’s distinct ‘camouflage’ mode and comes with a removable wrist blade.

* Futurama – Toynami will also have a limited edition plush of the Futurama’s cute, intergalactic pet, Nibbler at their booth (#3229).