With all the toys coming out or being announced today for Alien Day, it was amazing that we hadn’t really seen anything from Funko. After all, they do have some piece of the license, and they can whip up a toy faster than just about any company out there. Well, today they came through with a new Reaction set that features Ripley, The Alien Queen, and the power loader, and new Pop! figures of both Ripley and the Alien Queen.

ReAction: Aliens 3-Pack

This time there’s more!

The Aliens ReAction 3-pack features Ripley, the 5 1/2 inch Power Loader
suit, and the Alien Queen, which stands at 5 1/2 inches tall!

Reenact the famous showdown with this one-of-a-kind action figure set!
Coming in August!


Pop! Movies: Aliens

Ellen Ripley makes her Pop! debut alongside a super-sized 6″ Alien Queen Pop!

Coming in August!