From Marvel’s press:

Marvel and Funko have teamed up to bring urban vinyl bobble-heads to the Marvel Universe with Nodniks. And whether you’re a hardcore collector, a fan of big-headed toys or Marvel zombie, these 3.75″ figures are right up your alley.

Thor and Hulk, Thing and Doctor Doom, even Cap and Iron Man get in on the action this year with their own unique urban vinyl bobble-head Nodniks from Funko. Just unleashed upon the masses in time for the holidays, the two-packs have become hot commodities for fans of all ages.

Enjoy this gallery of the first wave of Marvel Nodniks, featuring Thor & Hulk, Iron Man & Captain America and Spider-Man & Green Goblin, all available now. And keep your eyes peeled and set some money aside for future releases such as the Thing & Doctor Doom and Iron Man & War Machine two packs!

And a special note to all you aspiring super-spies out there: Be on the lookout for a special eyepatch-wearing agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. & armor-clad patriot Nodnik two-pack!