Yesterday, we poked a little bit of fun at the upcoming Funko Pop! Pet line. Today, we’ll lovingly poke a little more fun at the toy company for their next line, Pop! Rocks.

The new Pop! line sounds like it is geared towards creating figures for music legends. However, their first two releases (set for August), have me wondering if they don’t believe in the idea of a living legend. My reason for wondering this? Well, the first two figures set for release later this summer are Amy Winehouse, who died of alcohol poisoning in 2011, and Lemmy from Motorhead, who died in December of 2015 of terminal brain and neck cancer. If their Pets line is going to donate some money to the ASPCA, I almost have to wonder if these figures will help fund charities for substance abuse recovery and cancer research.

I’m betting on Curt Cobain and David Bowie for series #2.