Mattel’s Mega Construx has been one of my favorite toy lines over the last few years. The He-Man and TMNT lines have been awesome, and their stand-alone figures like Hellboy and The Predator have become a welcome addition to my shelves. Now it looks like I’ll have to make more room as the residents of Westeros have just been announced as the latest license to join the Mega Construx family.

Yes, we are getting Game of Thrones Mega Construx and the figures look just as good as any of the other ones that have come out before them. Amazingly, they’ve even managed to nail the likeness on both Jon Snow and The Night King in such a small and cartoonish format.

There’s currently no word on if we’ll be getting single figure releases or just sets, but we do know that these two sets have already been slated for release early next year:

  • 735-piece Daenerys & Drogon includes a 2.5″ Daenerys mini-figure as well as a black-and-red-scaled buildable Drogon that is 20″ long and a wingspan just under 3 feet wide.
  • 176-piece Battle Beyond the Wall includes 2.5″ mini-figures of John Snow, the Night King, and an Undead Wight.

Source: TNi