gohero_skeleton_3.jpgGoHero just posted some information on their website about Comic Con and their upcoming Ray Harryhausen Skeletons. This is just the tip of the ice berg. check out these pics now, but come back tomorrow when we’ll have a whole lot more info on all things GoHero.

Skeleton Three Pack
MSRP: $119.99
Edition Size: TBD
Approx Ship Date: 1st QTR 2010

Build your own army of Skeleton Warriors with the Go Hero Exclusive 3 Pack. Customize them for your military zombie, death metal band, or pirating pleasure! They are ready to do your *bidding with:

* 3 Articulated Skeleton Figures
* Ball-Jointed Limbs
* Moveable Jaws
* Swords 3 Styles
* Shields 3 Styles
* Pop-Out Joints
* Muliple Sets of Hands

Note: These are Work In Progress prototype photos. The final product may vary. © 2009 Ray Harryhausen and Darren G Davis

*Skeletons will not actually do your bidding.