Good Smile Company recently released images of the new Revoltech SFO Zangief. Although Gief is not as popular as Ryu or Chun Li, there’s no denying that it just wouldn’t be Street Fighter without him.

Gief comes with an assortment of hands, his banishing fist accessory and is slated to come out December 2008.

Pure poseable muscle!!

Joining the SFO (Steet Fighter Online) Revoltech series comes Zangief, a national Russian hero nicknamed the “Red Cyclone”. He has been fighting for his beloved country for many years, and now Revoltech joints have been placed throughout his muscular body allowing you to recreate his powerful techniques as you see fit. Collect the rest of the figures that are due to come out in this series, and you can keep your favorite characters both by your side and in the game!