Hasbro has unveiled their next round of 80th-anniversary figures and it all comes down to one thing. Luis is finally getting his own figure!

Here’s the breakdown of the sets:

Ant-Man and Wasp
This set will not only give us an unmasked version of Ghost, but it will also give us our very first Michael Pena/ Luis figure! For accessories, we’ll be getting a shrunk down building, a maskless Ghost head, and an enlarged ant.

Captain America: The First Avenger:
This set features both Captain America in his WWII get up and Peggy Carter. I’m not sure, but I think the extra Cap head is actually meant to be him before the Super Soldier serum. Meanwhile, it also comes with the WWII shield, the unpainted prototype modern shield, machine gun, pistol, and knife.

Avengers: Infinity War
It’s a little hard for me to get excited about another Iron Man figure, but the new version comes decked out with a good selection of attachable armor and hands. Meanwhile, Iron SPider comes with a great new Un-masked Tom Holland head.

Thor: Ragnarok
The final set comes with a fully decked out Hela and Skurge. The hella comes with a total of three heads and an extra set of hands, one of which is molded to Mjolnir, mid-crushing. Meanwhile, Skurge comes with his ax, his machine guns, and a pair of alternate hands.