One of the biggest announcements of today’s Star Wars panel at Hasbro Pulse Cone is the formal announcement of all of the Star Wars Holiday Edition figures. Some of the figures leaked online with a very mixed response from fans. It makes a lot of sense that the design team couldn’t stop laughing while presenting the figures and they were very upfront that Lucasfilm wasn’t into it when they pitched the idea.

The new line includes five different, retailer exclusive troopers:
– Stormtrooper w/ snowman Porg – Amazon Exclusive
– Clone Trooper w/ scarf Porg – Gamestop Exclusive
– Sith Trooper w/ Holiday Babu Frik – Best Buy Exclusive
– Snowtrooper W/ Scarf Porg – Walmart Exclusive
– Santa Range Trooper W/ Rudolph The Red-Nosed D-O – Target Exclusive

Honestly, the figures are kind of just there. They feel more like fan custom repaints than something you’d expect to buy. Given they great Star Wars holiday figure sets that were released around fifteen years ago, we would expect more from figures like this. Maybe some caroling Jawas, or Ewok Elves? Hell, how about Santa Vader on Tie-Fighter being pulled by antlered AT-ATs?

where these figures do shine is with the little buddies they each come with. We’d happily pay $25 for a holiday creature pack that just has them and not the troopers.

If these are on your Christmas List, you can pre-order them at their respective retailers at 5 PM EST.