For years now, Hasbro has been working on combining GI Joe, Transformers, Visionaries, Rom and MASK into a shared cinematic universe. We hear updates about it once in a while, but nothing substantive. Meanwhile, IDW has already made it happen in the pages of the comics with their Revolution expanded universe. To celebrate the achievement (and probably throw a trial balloon out there to see if there’s still enough interest in the movie concept), Hasbro is offering an epic SDCC exclusive boxed set that includes:

– Transformers Generations – Leader Class Jetfire
– G.I. Joe – Roadblock
– M.A.S.K. – Matt Trakker
– Action Man
– Rom The Space Knight
– Rom – Dire Wraith
– Visionaries – Leoric
– Micronauts – Minis – Baron Karza, Betatron, Gammatron, Quin-Tillus, Acroyear, Phenelo-Phi, Xant, Oberon

I’ve got to say, while there are some good looking toys in this box, the Micronauts look like half melted dime machine toys. It’s weird because it was just a couple years ago that they had their micro-sized Ant-Man in a matchbox exclusive – which looked great!

If you can’t make it to Comic Con, limited quantities will be available at

Source: Toyark