Hollywood Collectibles Group, one of the coolest collectible companies you’ve probably never heard of and a sponsor of the upcoming FX Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL April 17-19. They’ve made some seriously kick ass collectibles for properties like Terminator and Aliens. They’ve also been the only company really putting out anything for one of my favorite movies, Fifth Element. Along with some of the guns and a pretty smokin diorama, they are now getting ready to release the five sacred stones. Check out the details and pics below along with some pics of their other cool Fifth Element collectibles.

Every five thousand years, a door opens between the dimensions. In one dimension lies the universe and all of its multitude of varied life forms. In another exists an element made not of earth, air, fire or water, but of anti-energy, anti-life. This “thing,” this darkness, waits patiently at the threshold of the universe for an opportunity to extinguish all life and all light.
The weapon against this evil is housed in a temple in Egypt. The weapon is activated by bringing together the five elements of the universe: the first four are water, fire, earth, and air, which are embodied in the form of small triangular stones, which must be united with the fifth one: life – embodied in a Perfect Being. The five elements together produce the Divine Light, which vanquishes the Ultimate Evil for another five thousand years.

From this timeless cult classic sci-fi movie we have created this amazing set of Elemental stones, surrounding the central statue – The Fifth Element.
Each stone is approx 9″ tall and is presented on a display base themed around the Egyptian temple from the movie, positioned around the Fifth Element. The Fifth Element statue is approx 12″ tall. 14″ overall height including base.

Ultra Limited Edition of just 150 pieces worldwide!

Estimated to ship 3rd qtr 2009