Acclaimed action game Marvel’s Spider-Man has provided our friendly neighborhood hero with a sizable arsenal of suits that could adapt to any situation. Following the release of our popular Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible series, Hot Toys is excited to introduce a new wave of Spider-Man Armory covers more iconic suits of the New York’s favorite spider Super Hero.

The brand new Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible (Series 2) line-up specially features Spidey suits in miniature size including the Secret War Suit, Cyborg Spider-Man Suit, Scarlet Spider Suit, Damaged Classic Suit, Electrically Insulated Suit, and Iron Spider Armor; display heroically upright in the reimagined armory with LED light-up function. Each Armory Collectible measures approximately 12cm tall, whereas each Spider-Man mini-figure measures approximately 8.5cm tall. Collectibles are available individually.

In additional, the six-in-one set package from series 2, available only in selected markets, exclusively includes a magnetically attachable Doctor Octopus’ tentacle, making a grand upgrade to the whole display!

Join forces with Spider-Man as he swings through the skyscrapers in his eye-catching suits.

Hot Toys – [VGMC016 – VGMC022] – Marvel’s Spider-Man – Spider-Man Armory Miniature Collectible (Series 2)
~ VGM Compact Series ~

Special Features:

  • Miniature Collectible design inspired by the concept of Iron Man Hall of Armor
  • Each Armory measures approximately 12 cm in height
  • Spider Man miniature figures measure approximately 8.5 cm in height
  • Specially applied silver colored metallic painting
  • Armory features LED light up function (USB operated)
  • Collectible can be interconnected with each another

Exclusive Bonus Accessories for Collectible Set:
One (1) Doctor Octopus’ tentacle (equipped with magnetic feature)
Release date:    Approximately Q3 – Q4, 2020
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Light up function operated using USB power
**USB connecting cable is not included for collectible, Micro USB cable is required
**Product details can subject to change without further notice
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