Beware of the extraterrestrial symbiote! In the Spider-Man: Maximum Venom animated series, Marvel’s biggest super heroes are monstrously transformed by Venom, and more who end up turning! The sentient alien will summon an earth-shattering threat from its home planet that will push Spider-Man to his very breaking point in a battle with global stakes.

Today, Hot Toys is very excited to unveil the brand new Cosbaby collection with Venomized design based on the fan-favoriteshow. Includes Venomized Iron Man, and Venomized Iron Heart with LED light up function; Venomized Doctor Strange with luminous reflective effect on eye; Venomized Captain Marvel has luminous reflective effect on the energy-blasting effect; Venomized Groot and variations on poses and colors such as Venomized Groot (Sitting Version) ; which the Venomized Groot (Glitter Blue Version) is for selected market only; and Venomized Captain America  Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head. Each collectible measures approximately 9.5 – 12.5cm tall with bobble-head function.

Designs include:

  • Venomized Groot Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Groot (Sitting Version) Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Groot (Glitter Blue Version) Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head *selected market only
  • Venomized Iron Man Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Iron Heart Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Captain America Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Doctor Strange Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head
  • Venomized Captain Marvel Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head

Special Features:

  • Spider-Man: Maximum Venom characters in stylized Cosbaby form
  • Approximately 9.5 – 12.5cm tall
  • “Venomized Iron Man Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” and “Venomized Iron Heart Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” are equipped with LED light up function
  • “Venomized Doctor Strange Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” is specially crafted with glow-in-the-dark design
  • “Venomized Captain Marvel Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head” has glow-in-the-dark on the energy-blasting effect
  • Non-articulated figure features bobble-head function