This is a pretty rare head’s up so we wanted to let everyone know about it before they sell out. One of the hottest artists online is Jason Freeny. If you don’t know the name then you probably recognize his art. He’s the guy who does the sculptures and drawings that feature popular pulp fiction characters that are whole on one side and exposed down to their organs on the other.

Well, his first toy went up for Pre-Order last August and promptly sold out. It is a 7″ Qee that features a clear body and full internal organs sculpted on the inside. It took several months for them to come in, but they have and there are now a few available over at our friends, ToyQube.

As an added bonus, there is also a very limited Glow in the Dark painted variant that the got just a handful of. I’m getting mine. I wanted to make sure that YBMW readers had a chance to get their’s too.