While the Han Solo movie wasn’t anything to brag about, it had one major bright spot in Donald Glover as a younger version of Lando Calrissian. In fact, even though the film had the distinction of being the biggest theatrical bomb in Star Wars history, talks have been swirling for years that Glover would be back to reprise the role for an upcoming series on the Disney+ streaming network.

It’s now being reported, by Glover’s brother and writing partner, that the series (which they were writing) is not going to happen. Instead, the project is being moved to the big screen. There are no details on when the film will hit theaters, but this isn’t the first time Disney has pulled a move like this.

The upcoming Marvel series Armor Wars was set to take place in the wake of the events of the sadly disappointing Secret Invasion series on Disney+. Now, the Don Cheadle-led series has been scrapped in favor of telling the story on the big screen.