announced the pre-sale for this year’s Mattel SDCC 2013 Comic Con exclusives. Check out the images, info, and prices below. We don’t have prices for all the items, but we’ll update when we do.

Toy Fans,
If you’re attending 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, this sale allows you to pre-order select Mattel toys and pick them up at the show. No standing in line, no worrying your favorites will sell out – just purchase a voucher and your products will be waiting for you at SDCC! Early Access for subscribers starts 6/3 at 8am PT, with All Access for everyone starting 6/4 at 9am PT. For the full list of products and all the details Click Here: Online Store – Create Your Bundle

Masters of the Universe� Classics Mini He-Man & Skeletor Figures

Great things come in small packages! At long last, the fan demanded mini versions of He-Man� and Skeletor… in a foldout mini Castle Grayskull diorama package! Each figure has six points of articulation at the arms, legs, waist and neck, and comes with snap-on accessories such as a Power Sword, shield and havoc staff. He-Man features a shield with traditional j-hook, allowing it to be held out in front instead of clipped onto his arm! Price: $20.00

Masters of the Universe Classics Rokkon & Stonedar 2-Pack

The Comet Warriors have arrived! This 2-pack of vintage MOTU Rockmen figures includes the young and excitable Rokkon and the wise and heroic Stonedar. Recreate the Filmation look with snap-on arm and leg armor, or go bold(er) and transform into full rock mode with the additional snap-on front piece! Each figure also comes with trademark laser gun that they can hold, or can be snapped into chest. These figures, sculpted by the Four Horsemen, come in window box packaging and are not part of Club Eternia. Price: $60.00

BATMAN Classic TV Series Batman Batusi Batman

It’s the dance craze that swept the nation! For the first time ever, this Batusi Batman figure recreates the iconic dance from the Batman Classic TV series! Sculpted with authentic likeness and featuring a fabric cape, this figure has unique articulation and an internal mechanism that allows it to perform the Batusi. The diorama package features vintage-look art from Shag, and a sound feature plays music with a ‘60s vibe to perfectly capture the scene where Batman shows off his unique Batusi moves. The package is designed so the Batusi dance moves can be activated without removing the figure. Price $30.00

DC Man of Steel Movie Masters Superman vs. General Zod Movie Pack

This 2-pack brings to life the super charged battle between two powerful Kryptonians, Superman and the General Zod, an exciting diorama set in the city of Metropolis! The package features lights that simulate Superman’s Heat Ray vision, and shows off the Kryptonian’s super strength and flying ability. The diorama is completed with sound effects to help bring the scene to life. Price: $25.00

DCU Signature Collection “Shazam!” New 52

Sculpted by the Four Horsemen, this is the first ever figure of the New 52 Billy Batson, the boy turned DC Super Hero known as “Shazam!” Not included with club subscriptions, this figure arrives with a removable hood in Club Infinite Earths-style die cut packaging with distinctive silver foil. The perfect addition to your DCU collection! Price $25.00

Hot Wheels Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider

Destruction of the Twelve Colonies and the human race is the objective, and the Cylons will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the thrilling TV show with this 1:64 scale Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider! Featuring VUM finish and die-cast body and chassis, this detailed replica comes on a commemorative blister card recalling the look of the original packaging from 1978. A perfect addition to any vintage collection and a must-have for Battlestar Galactica fans! Price: $10.00

Hot Wheels Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper

In the desperate search for the fabled thirteenth colony, surviving pilots from the Twelve Colonies fly these single-person crafts, ever watchful for enemy Cylons. You’ve waited for many yahrens… now you can celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the original 1978 TV show with this finely detailed replica Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper! In 1:64 scale with VUM finish and die-cast body and chassis, this fighter plane comes on a commemorative blister card that evokes the original Mattel packaging and fits seamlessly into your vintage collection. Price: $10.00

Hot Wheels Atari Beach Bomb Pickup

There’s nothing better than the lights and sounds of an arcade game… except maybe a Hot Wheels car, of course. You’ll be transported back to the local video arcade with the Hot Wheels Atari Beach Bomb™ Pickup, finished in Red Line Club level hand polished Chrome Spectraflame and Asteroids deco! And just like the arcades of old, this awesome finish will soon be a thing of the past… this will be one of the last hand polished Chrome Spectraflame Hot Wheels car offered. Features diecast body and chassis, and Real Riders wheels. Price: $20.00

Source: Toyark