Rumor confirmed. Mattycollectors revealed today that all the Internet buzz about a possible Blackest Night wave is true. And according to Mattel, Wave 17 for DCUC is coming soon and it will be their first step into the Blackest Night!

DC Universe Classics Wave 17 will consist of six figures. They include:

– Orange Lantern Luthor
– Yellow Lantern Scarecrow
– White Lantern Hal Jordan (with Black Lantern Variant)
– Violet Lantern Wonder Woman
– Blue Lantern Flash
– Indigo Lantern Atom.

Each figure will come with a Collect and Connect piece that’ll allow you to build the modern Anti-Monitor!

Mattel also had this to say about Red Lantern Mera, which may disappoint and please some fans:

And to answer the inevitable question, we did look into Red Lantern Mera. The only way to do her right is with a 100% tool and for that cost we can do 4 other figures. So while she did not make the cut this time around, we do know fans want complete sets and we are committed to one day getting her out there!

DCUC wave 17 will be on sale in late Spring 2011.