Coming this Winter to fine toy stores everywhere, here is the upcoming assortment of Mattel’s DCUC Wave 11. Wave 11 consists of seven figures and a Collect and Connect Kilowog – this figure is not for poozers:

– Question
– Cyborg Superman “Hank” Sinestro Corps War version. Comes with newly tool’d hand with rings and complete logo on the back of his cape!
– Deadman with a chase version with transparent legs as he “phases.”
– Green Lantern Jon Stewart, comes with a fist and gun construct!
– Katmai Tui will come with a shelf and sword construct that fits right over her ring hand
– Classic Green Lantern villain Shark
– Steppenwolf will be a 50/50 split between red and green
– Classic Steppenwolf will be 50/50 with the Super Powers version.