It was announced not too long ago that the popular smartphone game Angry Birds was being developed to every platform imaginable. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it finds itself in other media…
As of today, and the clear sign of the apocalypse, Mattel has announced plans to bring the video game to the world of board games by May 2011.

Introducing Angry Birds: Knock on Wood, the board game adaptation of the popular video game will even come equip with a slingshot and the lameness of having to clean up your own blocks and defeated evil pigs.

Knock on Wood, will retail at around $14.99 and is a two-to-four player game featuring mission cards, in which a player must build a structure shown on the card, and the opposing player must try to destroy said structure. The board game set will include three Angry Birds, four pigs, one slingshot, fourteen blocks and fifty-six mission cards.

Source: kotaku