For those who don’t know Mattel is hard at work in bringing Voltron back to toy form. We first heard that Mattel had acquired the Voltron license last summer, but haven’t heard anything new about it since. Enter C2E2 and forum user kylash327 from ActionFigurePics:

ALSO, though they had nothing on display, I was able to ask one of the Mattel reps about the new Voltron Classics line. I learned that it is coming in about 5-6 months, each lion will be around $30 each, with diecast parts, spring actions, articulated figures that fit in each lion, sold on, and fully combined into Voltron is over 2-3 feet! Also, each will come with a part to build the blazing sword!

If reports are accurate this would make Mattel’s Voltron the largest transformable Voltron ever made. And I’m sure the news of diecast will make fans very happy, including this fan who still has his original Bandai diecast set! SDCC canot come any faster.

Source: ActionFigurePics

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