Aside from the awful sounding title, Halo 2 wave 2 is anything but. This second wave of Halo action figures is set to include the debut of the Marine, new armor and various colors (see, all-new active camo Brute Stalker!)

This wave is set to include:

* Master Chief
* Marine New Character!
* Brute Stalker CLEAR Active Camo!
* Elite Assault SILVER New Armor!
* Spartan Soldier Scout YELLOW New Color!
* Spartan Soldier EOD RED
* Spartan Soldier Hayabusa WHITE
* Spartan Soldier EVA BLUE (Wal-Mart)
* Elite Combat BROWN (TRU)
* Spartan Soldier ODST VIOLET (BigBadToyStore)
* Spartan Soldier EVA PALE (Entertainment Earth)
* Spartan Soldier CQB GOLD (Transworld FYE)

The Halo 2009 Wave 2 action figures have a suggested retail price of $9.99 – $13.99, and will hit retail stores some time around March of 09. Check out the images below and feast your eyes on Halo/McFarlane glory.