It was huge news for the Mortal Kombat franchise when Spawn appeared in the game. Today, a scan of a magazine page has many people (including us) hoping that the in-game version of the character might actually be getting the action figure treatment.

McFarlane Toys already has the rights to Mortal Kombat, so it’s not like they’d need to do any legal finagling to make it happen. The amazing thing is that this Spawn, if it is real, could be the very first super-articulated Spawn figure to ever hit the market.

The image below shows a figure that appears to use McFarlane’s 22-point articulation system. That’s more than double the amount of articulation that previous spawn figures had had. Let’s face it, the Spawn line was always known more for the sculpt than the movement.

Please be real!

Source: Fwoosh