The wait is finally over. McFarlane Toys is excited to present this first look at our seventh Halo action figure assortment. Based on the popular Halo video game universe, this assortment includes characters from the Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo Wars video games.

Halo Series 7 will release to stores nationwide in January 2010. We hope the photography will help you cope with having to wait a bit longer before you can own these fantastic action figures.


SGT. FORGE – Halo Wars figure comes with UNSC Shotgun, pistol (removable) and two frag grenades.
ONI OPERATIVE DARE – Halo 3: ODST figure comes with UNSC suppressed magnum and suppressed SMG.
TARTARUS – Halo 2 figure comes with Fist of Rukt (Gravity Hammer).
ELITE FLIGHT (yellow) – Halo 3 figure comes with Covenant beam rifle.
SPARTAN HAYABUSA (steel) – Halo 3 figure comes with UNSC Rocket Launcher. Exclusive to GameStop.
SPARTAN SECURITY (orange) – Halo 3 figure comes with two Brute Maulers. Exclusive to Toys R’ Us and Toys R’ Us Canada.
SPARTAN ROGUE (blue) – Halo 3 figure comes with UNSC Sniper rifle and two plasma grenades.

WEAPONS PACK – Pack includes Fuel Rod Gun, Spartan Laser, two Spike Rifles, two SMGs, two Shotguns, two Plasma Rifles, two Plasma Pistols, two Frag Grenades and two Plasma Grenades. Exclusive to Target.