Where the Scavengers left off.. the Serv-O-Matics continues the tradition as the hottest art toy collectible mini figure series!


MINDstyle’s Serv-O-Matics Mini Figure Series by Brandt Peters
Version: Original
Size: 3.5 to 4 Inches Tall
Production: Edition is Open to Limited Production Period
Material: Vinyl with ABS

SRP: USD$14.99 Blind Boxed

15 Pieces

Display Ratio
– Cabb-E 2/15
– Peacemaker 33 (2/15)
– Mayhem² 2/15
– Junior 1/15
– TestBot 2/15
– Miss Content (1/15)
– Slap Happy (1/15)
– Containment 5.5 (1/15)
– HotBot (1/15)
– Bobb-E (2/15)
– Cosmic Lily (1/30) Chase Figure by Kathie Olivas

Status: Shipping late June 2009

A few new details about Serv-O-Matics mini figure series:

– Designs have been turned up a notch + we are bringing familiar Brandt Peter characters to the art toys.
– Similar quality box design as Scavengers but each will be shrink wrapped to remain sealed/tamper proof.
– Chase figure by Kathie Olivas.
– Produced only during the production period.
– 10 all new designs plus one chase figure.
– Every counter display will have all ten figures.
– Chase Figure by Kathie Olivas is 1/30.