He’s getting angry. We don’t think you’d like him very much when he gets angry. Due to a gamma radiation explosion near Muttpop labs, the latest line of our signature TEQUILA masked luchador figures is looking green. Muttpop inc. the company that brought you figures like EL PANDA and the RED DEMON brings you THE INCREDIBLE TEQUILA! TEQUILA the incredible edition sports a green physique, stands at a hulking 8.25 inches and comes equipped with a swiveling head and removable poncho. Look out for this monstrosity to drop September 15th.You’d better move fast though, at a suggested retail price of $75 and a limited edition of 400, the INCREDIBLE TEQUILA will be gone faster than you can say TEQUILA SMASH!

Muttpop inc. is the renowned toy company that has been showcased in film and media outlets such as: “30 Rock” (Tequila Original), “L Word” (El Panda) and the Movie “Funny People” (Red Demon). For more information on Muttpop and the INCREDIBLE TEQUILA visit our website at www.muttpop.com.