Fans of the original 90s’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie rejoice!

NECA has revealed a new round of TMNT LootCrate offering starting with a TMNT (movie) crate that’ll exclusively come with a 7″ scale Danny Pennington figure from the original 90s TMNT movie.

Yes, that Danny Pennington, otherwise known as the skinny red headed punk bitch that outed the turtles because daddy didn’t pay enough attention to him. From the looks of things, Danny seems to be in scale with the other TMNT movie figures and comes with an alternative head.

In addition to Danny, which is an exclusive to the first crate, LootCrate will be offering four different crates each with their own exclusive figure: Movie (Danny), Video Game (Armaggon), Mirage (Mutant Shredder), Cartoon (Donatello the Dark Turtle).

Each crate and be purchased separately, however, if you subscribe to all four, there will be a bonus TMNT cartoon Scrag figure. For those not in the know, Scrag was a obscure side character that was part of Rocksteady and Bebop’s gang. In the show, he was eventually mutated into a bat.

While the teaser shadow reveals a human looking Scrag, it’s been all but confirmed on Twitter by NECA that Scrag will come with his swappable mutant parts, similar to the recently released Target exclusive Rat King and Vernon 2-pack where Vernon could swap out into his wererat appearance.

Each crate will run you $49.99 and their shipping schedule is as followed:

  • Crate One – August
  • Crate Two – September
  • Crate Three – October
  • Crate Four – November

All four crates are currently available for pre-order now as well as the four crate set that comes with a bonus Scrag figure.