Some great new images popped up on the net today on the forbidden planet website. The pic shows off a huge assortment of the toys that we can expect to see hitting shelves soon for Marvel’s ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.

Take a look at the:
* Captain America Comic Series Figures
* Captain America Deluxe Figures
* Captain America Cruisers
* Captain America Vehicles
* Captain America Mask

This is one of the things that I never really understood about toy making for comic book characters. The toy companies create all these vehicles that look like they are just new paint jobs on toy vehicles that have been sitting around a warehouse for too long. “Hey, let’s put Cap’s logo on a four wheeler. Maybe some kid’s aunt will buy it for him cause she doesn’t know better.”

Add on vehicles like that are just designed to get bought by accident and squeeze a could extra pennies out of the consumer. Though, I guess not every character is cool enough to have a batmobile or pizza wagon.