Not to be confused with NECA’s other Gremlins Series 1, which featured the adorable Mogwais, this new Gremlins Series 1 features the Gremlin monsters of what happens after you get them wet and feed them after midnight.

Here are your first packaged looked at the new Gremlin figures based on the second movie (Gremlins 2: The New Batch). This wave will feature three brand-new renditions of classic Gremlins monster — the George Gremlin, the Flasher Gremlin and the Daffy Gremlin!

Each figure is gorgeously detailed and stands about 6″ tall. The George Gremlin will come with a trademark scowl and cigar, while the Flasher Gremlin has a flexible trenchcoat, cigarette and removable sunglasses. Lastly Daffy Gremlin, will come with a noisemaker, gag glasses and a winning smile.