Topps sent over a new preview of a sketch card from Topps’ upcoming Terminator Salvation Trading Cards.

The Terminator Salvation trading card series will comprise of 90 base cards highlighting memorable moments from Terminator Salvation, including key effects sequences. The collection is set to also include extra-special, random insert cards featuring the film’s star robots in Embossed Foil as well as Pop-Up battle Cards. Additionally, selected packs will contain random, one-of-a-kind Artist Sketch Cards, Authentic Autograph Cards or Memorabilia Cards embedded with actor-worn costume materials. Hobby boxes will include a minimum of one β€œhit” per 24-count box; foil packs will carry a suggested retail price of $2 per pack.

The Terminator Salvation trading cards are scheduled to be available for purchase at hobby shops approximately two weeks prior to the movie opening.